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4th-May-2016 01:25 am(no subject)
Oooh Bludsol
Random comment: I dunno why I have all these other icons uploaded to this journal, but hey... I'ma use them.

Okay, so... I... may have been sitting on this transliteration for two years now. *Coughs* Two years and four months, to be exact. I HAVE A GOOD REASON FOR IT. My computer was dead for like... a while of that. Yeah. I finished the transliteration and it died, I had to get the hard drive out and put into another computer.

The rest of the time is pure laziness.

JOH feat. KIYO - Zan'ei no Yo ga Akeru TokiCollapse )

Also still dunno if JOH is a boy or girl after all these years. Still pissed by that fact because it drives me nuts. GIVE ME A NAME I CAN WORK WITH, PEOPLE.

But regardless I need to find someone to wail this song with me, like yeaaaah. No, seriously, KIYO kinda sucks in it. Love KIYO, but damn.

I'm sure I have some other transliterations I didn't post *sighs* I should find them and do that. Like once in a rainbow moon someone actually finds this place, LOL.

NOTE: I'm gonna be unpopular and decide that it's "Zan'ei no Yo ga Akeru Toki" and not "Zan'ei no Yoru ga Akeru Toki" because "yo ga akeru" is sung in the lyrics. Yeah, that's my reason, really.

Also "equation" and "pride" aren't in the lyrics, but they're what's sung. At least for equation is -sorta- makes sense with 均衡, but I don't even with the other part.
14th-May-2013 06:35 pm(no subject)
Fishy Thoughts
*Tosses Roze out window*

Why didn't you find that NJStar file when I told you to find all the NJStar files on the computer? You were making me think I was indeed crazy and hadn't transliterated that song, geez.

Of course, more importantly, why the F have I never posted these?

Ugh, how many unposted things do I have sitting on my computer? aldjsaslkjsadaldajsldjadlkjadlkafa...

AKIRA - Forget-me-NotCollapse )

Still kinda butt hurt the only way I'll ever get the karaoke version of this song is if I shell out like $100 when the soundtrack is up randomly on Yahoo! Japan Auctions.

*Blinks* ...Did... did I post this sometime? My tags say no, and so does searching over my journal (and the internet as a whole). =u=; Hrrrngh... so odd.

Of course I didn't post the ending either if I didn't post the opening...

KIYO - Toki no Suna . Tsuki no Shizuku ~Mezamenai Yume~Collapse )

Oh that song gives me a headache...

...And this is what happened when I couldn't find my Peace@Pieces soundtrack rips, which actually turned out to be on the computer after all >n> Roze is being a butt and not finding things the first time I do searches. Come on, girl, you're not even a full 3 years old yet.

Found vocal and karaoke rips > found full rip in zip > remembered Wasurenagusa ~Forget-Me-Not~ songs on soundtrack as well > remembered having lyrics to them, but couldn't find them > found them.

I'll probably get around to gathering up all my NJStar files and dumping them in one folder so I can check what I've posted and haven't posted.

...Oh crap, while I'm at it I should figure out where I put that Di Gi Charat radio CD before it gets crunched or some crud because I was being lazy about transliterating the song from it >->...
Fishy Thoughts
This is a test of the emergency Sakura freak out system.

If this were an actual freak out then Sakura would have tossed her Chromebook out the window.

Hmm, okay you see to be acting alright for now Chromebook... what was the issue before though? The random caps lock and all.

Lemme think... I brought you home, booted you up... you were a bit cold... was it the cold? But then you warmed up and I took you into the basement... you were in sleep mode a bit between there...

I know I shut you down and started you back up before trying all this, but... I dunno... was it just a temporary thing?

Well I think I have a 90 day or year parts warranty thingy for you so I guess I shouldn't worry too much.

But you did have me worrying Chromebook, I thought I was gonna have to return you... and we were just getting to know each other too *squishes boobs against*.

Just behave, okay? I want to keep you around and if you survive as long or longer than Roze it would be super awesome you know? A year at least, feel free to be a prick and break when your warranty is up.
30th-Dec-2012 02:12 pm - Spam?
Fishy Thoughts
Seriously, Livejournal, you use to be cool.

Now you're just over run with spam bots. What happened, man?

In other news, I colored an older sketch I did randomly (originally it was making fun of the fact that I lack any static drawing style).

I'm using it as an icon on various places I go to and as a pre-image to posts I'll make on Gaia Online.

Behold me in all my crappiness.
5th-Dec-2012 10:27 pm - D| LOL...
I have my tsubomi account friended, so when I went to my home page I went to edit my recent post there and was like "WHERE'S MY EDIT BUTTON? OMG".



I'm thinking of going back to using this account... just... I think I mentioned before or the other one about wanting to change my name there, but I kinda don't... and I still use Sakura in places, so...

One day I'll make something non-anime based or some crap.

I dunno.


I'll use this for the writing I rarely do, the art I don't draw, the singing I don't record... ahaha...

=m=; I'm a sad individual.

*Eats a triceratops shaped chicken nugget* Don't you dare judge me.
4th-Jul-2012 11:56 pm(no subject)
Fishy Thoughts
Um hmm... okay -this- will be messy...

Uchida Maaya - Heroic LilyCollapse )

And um... xD I don't know what to say it's from... I mean... have they decided to make it an actual anime? I don't think they've done it yet if they are going to... so... would it be from Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger?


Whatever... for now... I guess... *tags*

It's actually kind of a cute song, though I like the "heavy metal" version the most.


"蕾たち" "tsubomi tachi" "tsubomitachi" "tsubomi-tachi"? Same thing with the "わたしたち" later.

"恥じ入れば" <-- What? I just left it as "hajiireba" for the moment, but Google doesn't make me too confident.

Errors? Errors? Yes? *Trying to be more like herself* ;n;

._.; I'm gonna stop doing random stuff now though *stares at hands* I was going to pull out a Digi Charat single today, but somehow... I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.

Clearly I have addiction problems.

...I'm gonna pull out that single now so I don't forget again though...

Oh, a bunch of my to-do list was sitting at the top of my CD box. Funny. Hmm, can't find the Rabi en Rose single... oh well, to be honest, I hate Digi Charat image songs (except for Pyocola's). Eh I'll do them someday anyway probably.
4th-Jul-2012 06:40 pm(no subject)
Fishy Thoughts
Since we talked about this, I was kind of surprised to see it hadn't been done.

Denkishiki Karen Ongaku Shuudan - Endless CorridorCollapse )

Aoi-sama has a friend over and is playing a game on the TV, so my concentration is like POOF.

Questions though.

"飲み込んでく"... is "nomikondeku" right? I don't run into "んでく" or "でく" very often I don't think.

"歩き続けて" ...? "arukitsuzukete" or "aruki tsuzukete"? Hmm... *changes and will see if she's right*

2nd-Jul-2012 07:57 pm(no subject)
Fishy Thoughts
LOL... I ended up thinking that since I had ARTERY VEIN's Corpse Party song in my karaoke folder I might as well put their Phantom Breaker one too, but then... you guessed it...


I hate katakana (more so in titles).

What on earth is ディラック/DIRAKKU?

Asami Imai and Eri Kitamura need to be involved in more 'dark' stuff together so they release more songs as ARTERY VEIN, lol.

Also, what is the english equivalent for the ─── punctuation?

...Is... anyone even out there anymore? *Echo echo echo*

Oh well, not important for me just sounding bad in the basement.


Oh, fuck you Google, why didn't you pop that up when I was looking before? I hate wasting time. *Reads* Theirs has a shit ton of errors, so I'm keeping mine *kicks up dirt*.
30th-Jun-2012 06:10 pm - Boop-I-Doop...
Fishy Thoughts
Nao - entrance to youCollapse )

And... I added two more things I wanna do. Hmm. Whatever, there's lots of other things I wanna do too I'm sure.



These last two were just so I'd have the lyrics to everything in my current karaoke project folder.

Yeah, I actually make a list of things to sing these days instead of just sitting in front of the computer drumming my fingers going "Fuck... I have too many songs... what should I sing next?" >n>...
28th-Jun-2012 11:59 pm(no subject)
Fishy Thoughts
I couldn't find the lyrics...

Which is like... the only reason I tend to transliterate... isn't it?

Okay, not entirely true... sometimes I do it when other people's lyrics are fubared.


Denkishiki Karen Ongaku Shuudan - I prayCollapse )

My spacing. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehng...

It's not a happy song, is it? >n> A lot of the songs from this group are um... um... from... ... ... *blinks* they're hentai games... but... dark... ones... mostly... is not certain if eroguro in some cases, and does not really want to verify.

There's another song I gotta do too, but... it can wait... maybe.
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