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This is a test, I repeat, this is only a test... 
11th-Feb-2013 08:57 pm
Fishy Thoughts
This is a test of the emergency Sakura freak out system.

If this were an actual freak out then Sakura would have tossed her Chromebook out the window.

Hmm, okay you see to be acting alright for now Chromebook... what was the issue before though? The random caps lock and all.

Lemme think... I brought you home, booted you up... you were a bit cold... was it the cold? But then you warmed up and I took you into the basement... you were in sleep mode a bit between there...

I know I shut you down and started you back up before trying all this, but... I dunno... was it just a temporary thing?

Well I think I have a 90 day or year parts warranty thingy for you so I guess I shouldn't worry too much.

But you did have me worrying Chromebook, I thought I was gonna have to return you... and we were just getting to know each other too *squishes boobs against*.

Just behave, okay? I want to keep you around and if you survive as long or longer than Roze it would be super awesome you know? A year at least, feel free to be a prick and break when your warranty is up.
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