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6th-Sep-2011 01:00 am - I'm Drinking, So I Will Post This...
Fishy Thoughts

Long time no post...

Sakakibara Yui & Ueno Chihiro - DIAMOND RINGCollapse )

Yes, I want to punch me for the colors too. They're like that in the booklet (except both of them together is white, since there's a black background).

I'm in a Sakura x Tsubomi duet mood, that's why I bothered ahaha... :| I'm going to create awfulness since I fail at mixing. *Goes off to work on another duet lyric*

Tachibana Aya & Kaibara Erena - LOVE ComplexCollapse )

That's gotta be messy...
11th-Jun-2010 01:03 am(no subject)
Fishy Thoughts


I need to submit those other lyrics to Animelyrics still... I'm.. so... lazy... OMG... beat me up if I don't do it by the end of the month please.

Sakakibara Yui - PrayerCollapse )

...You know, this is the only song out of the new Chua Churam vocal songs that I actually liked. Don't get me wrong, Yui is always fantastic, just some of the songs rub me the wrong way.

I got another Vocaloid song coming too, but I need to lay off the headphones because the way I've been wearing them apparently puts pressure on my jaw and causes STABBY PAINS in my ear.

Holy crap, it's really been half a year? I suck...
29th-Nov-2009 04:53 pm(no subject)
Fishy Thoughts

Sakakibara Yui - révélationCollapse )

Wow... Firefox popped 'À' up as '裾' when I copied my work from NJStar to this. What the heck? Guess that possibly answers my question of what would happen to the 'À' when submitting stuff like this to Animelyrics.com. Hmm... do I just change it to 'A' then? (Probably also the reason why some places have this called "révélation" and others have "re've'lation". Yay for lack of character support!... Or not knowing how to type the character, whichever)

In the cases with '給え' is that part of the previous word, or should I leave it separated? I had it all together, then I figured maybe it should be separated, so obviously I have no clue.

I got bored.

Nakahara Suzuka - whisper moonCollapse )

It feels like redundancy in the tags, I like that one is too long.
24th-Nov-2009 12:27 am(no subject)
Fishy Thoughts
Vocaloid stuffs!

...Some of this is probably stupid for me to do cause someone else has probably done it. It's very hard to search for this, since sometimes people post it in journals that don't get picked up by Google and stuff.

I know someone transliterated some of Yoshihi's songs on Youtube, but I find Youtube video watching for lyrics to be kind of a pain in the butt, so I decided to transliterate them for myself for easy access :D...

I should probably get back to what I was doing before (last post) but I only have one song left to do in that bunch anyway, and was holding off cause I wanted to ask: hallucino, did you ever transliterate Yui's 'Kooru Tsuki no Yoru'? I know you did some other songs of hers that aren't on Animelyrics (like I could have sworn you did 'Music in My Heart' but I can't find it... oh but it shows up on Google on some of those sites that like to steal lyrics and not give credit -.-).

Miku Hatsune (Yoshihi) - ShitsugetsuCollapse )

Miku scream rock! Ah the scream makes me smile every time... it's so funny. Good song actually, aside from the 'scream' and the heavily muffled parts.

Miku Hatsune (Yoshihi) - ShuenCollapse )

The stuff in parenthesis... the 'aitai' isn't in the lyrics, it's spoken in the middle of the instrumental part before the end choruses and stuff. The second part is being sung in the background while the part above it is being sung.

Miku Hatsune (Yoshihi) - YUUMICHICollapse )

Luka Megurine (Yoshihi) - UnchainCollapse )

Luka Megurine (Yoshihi) - BlossomCollapse )

Miku Hatsune (Omaccha-P) - No RealityCollapse )


I don't expect anyone to help with all of these, it's that whole um... cataloging thing I like to do/should do more cause otherwise I misplace things >.>... D:... There's so many cause I've been saving them up since I started doing them /shy (and there's actually one more, but I found someone else did it and only had like two errors, so I'm just gonna hold onto mine).

This is cause out of the thirty something songs I put in my "I'd like to sing these" list of Vocaloid stuff I only found transliterations for like ten of them -____-;;;... I know how to pick songs real good, don't I?

*Looks at her backlog* Hmm... I suppose I should stop hoarding things and submit them to Animelyrics, shouldn't I? Yeah... my journal doesn't show up on Google...

-.-; *Quickly fixes name orders and goes to delete some tags* I've always sucked at consistency.
11th-Oct-2009 03:07 pm(no subject)
Fishy Thoughts
Yuana Miyazawa - Dreht Sich! -Koukai Saki ni Tatazu ver.-Collapse )

The stuff in parenthesis is just cause I'd be repeating the same thing otherwise... mmm German... the lyrics are way too long cause the song is a little fast and the chorus has like four paragraphs each time, yeesh.

I remember playing Born Freaks! for a little bit, too bad it's old now and hard to find stuff about it.


I wonder if the title is referring to the mountain (Ararat)...

Yui Sakakibara - ETERNAL RINGCollapse )

[Witty or mostly useless comment goes here so I can have space between the cut and my tags...]
5th-Oct-2009 11:02 pm(no subject)
Fishy Thoughts
Help would be most appreciated.

I might be correcting some stuff on Animelyrics, but in the end this is mostly for my own sanity since the structuring on Oshiete Happiness at AL drives me freaking crazy.


Megumi Hayashibara - Haruneko Fushigi Tsukiyo -Oshiete Happiness-Collapse )

Megumi Hayashibara - Watashi wa KonekoCollapse )

Megumi Hayashibara - Ganbatte!Collapse )

Megumi Hayashibara - Only OneCollapse )

>_>... Stupid thing is that this spawned from me doing something with 'Watashi wa Koneko'... every time I look at those lyrics I go "Huh yeah... I still need to submit corrections for that and a bunch of others don't I? ...Maybe next time...". Well I'm stopping the laziness now... sorta... xD... there's still actually two or three songs in the Bannou Bunka Nekomusume section that need help past this... >.>... I just don't like them (read: they're not girl songs).
26th-Sep-2009 01:10 am(no subject)
Fishy Thoughts
Shaa... found a home for my Rin icons. Hehehe...

...I forgot my password to this account too, wish Livejournal would just tell me it instead of making me reset it... it's kinda silly.

Help or general comments greatly appreciated.

Yellow Zebra : Yuki Fujimiya - Saisei ~Bird Can Sing~Collapse )

I will note that my consistency is terrible (though I'm sure some people know that already). I did a search to see what I did before and I have 'doko made mo' (really old song), 'dokomade mo', and 'dokomademo'. Pfff... 'dokomade mo' came up twice, so I suppose I'll stick with that one since it's what I've used the most? I dunno.

Yellow Zebra : Yuki Fujimiya - Melody !Collapse )

Never been sure of what to do with 'んだ', it seems every song I've run into it (except one) I've just put 'nda' seperated from the rest of the stuff. I had 'n da' once, which looks funny... course so does 'nda'... what about 'n'da' (those apostrophes look funny)? Course keeping with what I've done in the past I suppose 'nda' is fine.

'調子っ外れ' I found 'choushihazure', but it sounds like 'choushibazure'. Really the 'っ' trips me up, what's that about?

I love the song but it was a pain to work on for me.

Reminds me I should submit those last three songs I did sometime, course I'm omega backlogged as it is due to insecurities about my Nanatsuiro Drops transliterations.
30th-Mar-2009 12:18 am(no subject)
Fishy Thoughts
Yui Sakakibara - ARERUIYA no FukuinCollapse )

Yui Sakakibara - Mikkyou no KubikazariCollapse )

Kanako Itou - fake meCollapse )

I ran into something odd when doing 'fake me', there's some discrepancies between the booklet and the song, the parts in parenthesis don't appear in the booklet. In fact, instead of singing '始めれば' Kanako sings '始めたなら', I listened a couple times over, it's not something you could easily mistake. And then the 'なく' part later. Very odd... As for the part, which makes more sense, 'て' or 'で'? Because it's one of those, it's not just 'なく'. Maybe I'll omit these notes from the kanji, I just don't want someone going "Oh my god the romaji doesn't match the kanji! It needs changed!" cause transliterations are generally for the benefit of people who are singing the songs, at least that's what I always thought.

Heh, apparently my searching fails. Someone transliterated and translated 'A WILL' like five days ago and posted it on their personal blog... It doesn't bother me, I'll still submit my transliteration to Animelyrics eventually. The part that gets me is... well... I'm kind of happy.

See, hallucino has mentioned a couple times that they think I should attempt translating songs. I tried today with 'A WILL', and I got really lost because the song doesn't have a lot of the stuff I'd normally go to my boyfriend for help with (grammar stuff, 'ga, wa, wo' etc). I got frustrated and gave up. But I looked at the person's translation and, what I had done... was pretty close to what they came up with. This makes me happy, maybe I should really try translating a song sometime. I'm just afraid it'll make my head explode hehe. Actually I'm afraid people will look at me badly if I do a horrible job, but that's me being a worry-wort again.

Yeah yeah, wall of text crits you for 9000. Right?
29th-Mar-2009 01:13 am(no subject)
Fishy Thoughts
Hmm... doing transliterations while waiting zeppelin in World of Warcraft probably isn't the best idea. ...I keep missing the zeppelin and I probably messed up somewhere in the song :P.

...Oh and I forgot my password to this account! So now it's just my long password of doom. Yay. I'll probably forget this fact the next time I try to log into it though >_>...

Kanako Itou - A WILLCollapse )

What's the "・" about in Japanese lyrics anyway? What would I interpret that as in terms of American/English punctuation? I don't run into it horribly often, but still.

:( I liked this song the most out of the two on the Chaos; Head Noah opening single... though the chorus on 'fake me' is kinda entertaining (I likes me the random English), so I'll probably do that next. I should probably just leave the Yui Sakakibara single to hallucino though.
22nd-Jan-2009 01:49 pm(no subject)
Fishy Thoughts
OMG LOOK... I'm doing stuff with this journal again *shock*. Mostly because I don't wanna post in a community that hasn't moved since November (aka: be the one to wake the beast and maybe make people upset? I dunno, I worry too much).

Besides, this is gonna be... 3 or 4 songs in the end? I wanna get the Nanatsuiro Drops soundtrack done and Hello, World soundtrack done as well. Er... sorta... I'm gonna do PA! PA! PARADISE someday I swear...

Nanatsuiro Drops (Vocal: AKIRA) - KOISURU FUROORAITOCollapse )

Nanatsuiro Drops (Vocal: KIYO) - Nijiiro no RUSHIACollapse )

Nanatsuiro Drops (Vocal: AKIRA) - DAISUKICollapse )

There, all the Nanatsuiro Drops songs are done. Yay!

Hello, World (Vocal: Kanako Itou) - KiraboshiCollapse )

Hello, World (Vocal: maimai) - PA! PA! PARADAISUCollapse )

ALL DONE (do you see why I hate PA! PA! PARADAISU? I can't make heads or tails of the half the time, is it 'to' or 'tto' and such, hate random っ @_@... Oh and the song is... well... >_> the lyrics can give that away I'm sure)...

I listened to them afterward, but god knows I'm blind as a bat half the time anyway.
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