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D| LOL... 
5th-Dec-2012 10:27 pm
I have my tsubomi account friended, so when I went to my home page I went to edit my recent post there and was like "WHERE'S MY EDIT BUTTON? OMG".



I'm thinking of going back to using this account... just... I think I mentioned before or the other one about wanting to change my name there, but I kinda don't... and I still use Sakura in places, so...

One day I'll make something non-anime based or some crap.

I dunno.


I'll use this for the writing I rarely do, the art I don't draw, the singing I don't record... ahaha...

=m=; I'm a sad individual.

*Eats a triceratops shaped chicken nugget* Don't you dare judge me.
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